Event Full Productions

Why Preproduction is a must do, and the ongoing need for Technical Production Management in your plan.

In today’s events we face many technical and spatial challenges, some of which we have control over and others we do not.

When dealing with Spatial issues, Preproduction will allow you to manage the what if’s and the limitations that exist in venues, these may be doorways, ceiling heights, rigging limitations and so on. Also, you may encounter things such as stage footprint requirements, audience viewing positions and service requirements.

When we deal with the Technical side of Preproduction that is when we get into the nuts and bolts, ensuring correct screens and projectors or other display mediums, cabling, lighting fixtures, PA type and installation configuration, etc are chosen. We also get to look at access equipment, power availability, crewing, system design. All of these then affect your production schedules.

If you choose to enter into an event without considering all facets you are risking much more than an upset patron, you could have stakeholders needs not met, safety requirements not adhered to, rehearsal times not being met, and many others the worst being an undelivered event.

By utilising the services of a Technical Production specialist, you are mitigating the risks and allowing the technical provider to deliver the element they are best skilled in.

Things to look for in a Technical Production Manager are from the basics of years of experience, especially in your sector, tools they use to ensure the needs of the event are met, be that drawing platform such as Vectorworks, AutoCAD, and the like and exposure to the various suppliers that can support your events technical needs, as relationships can streamline many issues well before they become apparent.

Consider Pre-Visualising your event in a 3D drawing platform, engage with your Venue, Riggers, Lighting, Audio and Visual display providers early will mean that everyone is across all facets and not singularly focussed, all events are delivered by a team of experts not just expertly delivered.